Sunday, 24 August 2014

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Comfort Clear* Review

Lip balms for me are a must have. It's that one thing you can be sure I always have in my bag. You never know when your lips may feel dry and chapped. Now I think there are 3 different categories of lip balms . For example, those really cheap lip balm that we buy only because they smell or look nice but give zero moisture. Then there are those lip balms that are hydrating when you apply it but doesn't really do much for your lips. The third category is the lip balms that actually moisturise your lips.

Today, I have one of current favourite lip balms which is the Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm* in Comfort Clear. This easily falls in to the third category. This is a clear lip balm and it applies really smooth on the lips. I have been using this for the last few weeks and I didn't really realise how much I liked it until I lost this for a couple of days and had to use my other lip balms. There is a very obvious difference between this and lets say Maybelline's Baby Lips in Hydrate. I felt like with that I had to reapply it every other hour or so. Whereas this one I'm good for about 4-6 hours. (though I sometimes apply it more often because I like the smell of it ^^ ) The smell is a sweet smell which isn't too strong or sickly. Another thing I have noticed is that I don't have to smother my lips with lip balm with this; going over the lips once or twice is enough. Packaging wise, it's simple, cute and most importantly the lid stays on even if you chuck it in your bag. When you first get it the lip balm is flat and after using it a couple of times the edges become rounded like in the picture above. 

As the weather starts to cool, dry skin kicks in and I think this would be perfect for this winter. I have been using this for nearly 3 weeks and I have used about one fifth of the product. So one of this will definitely last you a winter. This is also available in different colours too, if you prefer some colour out of your lip balm.

 You can buy this and check out the other colours here!(I have my eye on coral crush)

What's your favourite lip balm? What colour would you like to buy of these lip balms?


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