Friday, 20 June 2014

Glamour Mag Freebie - Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner Review

Here's a quick post to let you know of this months freebie with Glamour's magazine. This month's Glamour magazine (£2) comes with Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. You can get it in Black and Blue. I was hoping to pick up the one with the blue one but sadly there were none of them left. The Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner retails for £12 usually.

I'm not much of a magazine person so I mainly bought this for the eyeliner. £2 for a liquid eyeliner is a pretty good deal in anyone's book. The packaging is pretty standard. The tip is like a smooth felt tip with is what I really like with liquid liners. So far so good, however when I tried this out to do a cat flick it was just horrible. It's streaky and dry and just not good. Even though it was only £2, I still feel a bit annoyed that I paid for this. After a great deal of effort, I finally managed to my eyeliner. The colour is really black, it's smudge proof and stays put for so long. Which made me even more annoyed because the formula is actually really good but the application is just dry and bad. I'm not sure if just my one is like this or it's the same with everyones. I'm going to store it upside down for a while and let gravity do it's work and see if that makes any difference.  

Does your one seem dry and streaky too? 


Friday, 13 June 2014

HUGE Post Exam Haul

Exams are over!! Woot woot! Expectation : Time to Partay!! Reality: Sleeps for 3 days straight -_-
So recently my AS level exams finished (last Friday 6th to be specific) and I was just so relieved it was finally over. After a month of exams, I am exhausted and I needed some retail therapy to bring me back to life. This is what I bought leading up to the end of my exams and after my exams. I kinda went all out because I just needed an excuse to spend. /hehe/

Real Technique Brushes
One of the first things I bought were these Real Technique brushes. They were so cheap that I had to buy ALL the brushes that I wanted in one go. The eye set and the travel set were just £10!! Yes! £10! The Core collection was only £11. They retail for normally at £21.99 at Boots so this half price and the eye and the travel set is better than 50% off. I randomly came across Gordon's Direct - which is where I bought them. I just checked and they are still on offer so definitely pick them up now because they're the cheapest I have seen EVER!

1. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
I have let go of my skincare this past month because of exams. I wasn't motivated to look after my skin and after a month I must say my skin has become so horrible that I knew I had to step up my game and treat my skin with proper skincare. To kind of motivate me to kick start my skincare regime again I decided to pick up Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I have been wanting this for so long - ever since I read the first review about it. People seem to love and I want to try it out for myself. I'm excited to see the results. This was £36 (ouch) but products like these last for a really long time which made it more justifiable to buy.

2. Benefits Hot 2 Trot
Now this was something that I bought during exams. This must be the most impulsive buy I ever had. Instead of revising, I was on Debenhams website and wasted 3 hours on there and when I realised how much time I wasted I felt guilty so I felt like I had to buy something to make the 3 hours worth the time. So I randomly picked this mainly because it had a mini Cha Cha tint which I had been wanting to try and also it was 20% off. When I received it I was even more guilty because I really didn't need this >.< But lesson learnt - won't do it again. As for the blush and Cha Cha Tint, I think are really nice but haven't used it much so I haven't made my mind up completely.

4. St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Skin
I love this scrub, this is a repurchase for me. I used to use this a lot back in the days but I never bought it since because I have been trying out other scrubs. I'm glad to have this again. I love the feeling after scrubbing my face with this. Squeaky clean!

6. Eylure Individual Lash Fine to Full
I bought some more individual eyelashes because I want to start wearing them more. I haven't been wearing mascara lately I don't even know why. So to still give my lashes a bit of an 'umpf' I thought I try individual lashes to get a natural fuller lashes look. These were on sale at John Lewis for £2.53 so I slyly added these to the basket when my brother was shopping online from there.

7.Natural Collection - Corrector Stick
I have been looking for a green concealer for forever but most of them are either too pricey or not available in the UK. So when I came across a blog post that did a review on this it was on my mind to pick it up next time I'm in Boots. This is really inexpensive at £1.99 and you get quite a bit of product. Sadly, when I opened my one it was smashed inside so I might have to depot it in to something - perhaps the body shop sample container.

8. Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24Hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow - Permanent Taupe
Since summer is approaching, my eye makeup have been creasing like crazy so I thought I might try this as many people use this as a base and as a shadow. I really wish Maybelline did this in more matte shades then just this taupe colour.

9. The Body Shop - Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel
My eye cream has recently finished and I usually do a lot of research before I buy any eye cream. So in the mean time I bought this which I keep in the fridge so that its extra cool and refreshing when I apply it under my eyes. This is 15mls and quite huge, it'll probably take me forever to finish this. 

*As you may have noticed I clearly can't count to 10 (=_=) I labeled the items 1,2,4,6...I forgot 3 and 5 - please ignore that my brain has turned to mush after the exams*

10. The Body Shop - Passion Fruit Body Butter
I'm not a massive fan of Body Shop body butter or body butters in general because I'm usually too lazy to use them. But I mainly bought this because it smelt so GOOD! This smells so yummy and fresh and amazing. I used this every morning on my arms and around my neck so I can smell the scent throughout the day. Sometimes, I forget to close the lid and when I come to my room later, it smells of this. I really wish Body Shop made this a regular scent, I would love to buy body fragrance and candles of this scent. If you're ever near Body Shop just go in a give this a sniff , I promise it won't disappoint you. Oh and the were giving out little samples of the coconut shimmer butter - that's want's in the container if you were wondering. 

11. New Look Side Bag
 I can't describe in words how much I just loved this bag when I saw it. I love the size, the colour, the design, the handles and how cute it is.I have always loved bags with the chain handles, especially side bags. This is definitely doing to be my go to summer bag. This makes a perfect companion for my new purse. I got this from New Look for £12.99 which I think is really great for such a bag. I've never tried any New Look bags so I'm curious to see how long this will last.

12.Primark Purse
I had been looking for a new purse for ages! I have had a few different types of purses in the past and they never seem to tick all the box for me. Most of them were to big and bulky or too long - they were inconvenient to take in small side bags. So when I came across this beauty I was like YES! Not only is it gorgeous and practical but also inexpensive. This was only £3 from primark. This baby was worth lining up in them huge Primarks lines for :)

13. Bourjois - Rouge Edition Lipstick 13
I have always liked pink lips more than red lips, not completely sure why. But lately I have been liking more redish lip colours so I decided that I'd pick this up because I don't really have a proper red lipstick.

14. Revlon Lacquer Balm - Enticing Desirable 
Carrying on with my recent red lip obsession, I also picked up this because when I swatched it in the store it was lovely. I actuallyl like to layer this with the Bourjois lipstick. I put on the lipstick first and then this on top and it lasts longer and it looks prettier.

15. Revlon Matte Balm - Audacious 
I never bought the Revlon Balm Stains when they came out mainly because I wasn't interested in a crayon for my lips but after falling in love with the MUA ones I thought I should try more lip crayons. This caught my eye because not only was it a matte but also a gorgous bright shade - perfect for the summer.

That's it ! PHEW~ Well, that was a bit long! Hope you guys enjoyed that ^.^

What have you bought recently?


Sunday, 8 June 2014

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter || Tutti Frutti || Review

LEFT- Swatched Once RIGHT- Swatched a few times

Today I present to you the Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti. I bought this a couple of months back now and I have been liking it since then. It's a really nice colour and with a smooth texture. Tutti Frutti is a orange shade which you can put one or two layers for a natural tint of orange on your lips or of course you can build up the colour to a more noticeable orange. This is one the reasons I like this because with some of my other very pigmented lipstick I can never apply without a mirror because it's so easy to mess up. However, I apply this like I apply a lipbalm - I just pop it out and just smother it on my lips (no mirrors needed) without worrying about it looking like a mess.

The packaging is very simple and bright. The quilted effect on the lid looks so pretty and it shuts securely.  I would have to say though, that if you leave this in a hot place for too long then it does get a bit soft and so be careful not to apply too much force when applying as the bullet could break.

I really look forward to trying out some more of the lipbutters...perhaps in a redish or bright pink shade.

Have you tried the Revlon Lip Butters? What shade is your favourite?

~ Kookii ♥