Saturday, 9 November 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

L-R Cherry Me, Pink Punch

Yes, I have been sucked into the 'Baby Lips' hypes and bought these mainly because I was sick and tired of hearing about how great they were from other blogs. Since they were on 3 for 2 in Boots, I thought now was a good time to buy them. I bought two of the tinted ones and one clear one because I felt it wouldn't be worth the money if I just bought clear ones.

First of all, I bought this one mainly because of the colour. I love blue. The lipbalm itself is white in the tube but applies clear. It's claims to have SPF 20 which is always handy. The smell is zesty and fresh, but the scent doen't last long on the lips. It disappears right after applying. I apply this before I start applying my make up so my lips are hydrated before applying any lip product.  Maybelline claims this gives up to 8 hours hydration which I think is very far fetched. I think at best it gives about only 2 hours of hydration.

Pink Punch
This has to be my favourite out the baby lips that I have. I love the soft pink colour it give to my lips and it's always in my bag. The smells similar to Trident tropical gum, if you have every tried that. Arrgh. Can't get enough of the smell! I love the fact I can just smother this on wherever I am without needing a mirror. 

Cherry Me

This, I guess, is the most popular one. It gives a natural succulent red hint to your lips. This has that artifical cherry scent which I surprising quite like. I love applying this on top of a red lip tint because it just makes my lips look just a bit more special. 

Overall, I think that these Maybelline Baby Lips are quite nice lip balms for the price but I think the hype around them is just too big. There are plenty of other lip balms that are just as good.

Have you tried baby lips? Do you think they're worth the hype?

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