Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Essence I Heart Extreme Mascara Review

When I heard from a fellow blogger that Essence had hit some certains Wilkinson store. I checked and found that my local Wilkos had them in stock. I was excited because I had heard so much about this mascara that I couldn't wait to get my hand on it. 

Let me start by saying I really like this mascara. I'm so happy this wasn't a disappointment like Rimmel's Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara which I think is just awful. The brush is slightly bigger than a normal brush and I think that helps add volume to the eyelashes. 

The formula is just perfect, I really don't like liquidy mascaras because it makes my eyelashes lose their curl. The mascara is drying up now, which is quite annoying because I get quite a lot of fall outs on my face throughout the day so I guess it's time to chuck it away. But I will definitely be getting this again. I can't remember how much this was exactly but it was around the 3 pound mark which is cheap for a decent mascara nowadays. 

Have you tried Essence products before? Recommend me some Essence products that you like. 

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