Friday, 20 September 2013

Nail of The Day # 2

Hi Guys! It feels like forever since I last posted! Anyways, I recently have been feeling a bit more creative with my nails and I thought I might show you guys! 

I have always loved the leopard print nail designs but never personally did it on my nails...mainly because I had no idea how to do it! So after a few videos on YouTube, I felt ready to master the art leopard print. Unfortunately, I didn't really have many browns, oranges to match leopard colours so I decided to go with a more fun colour choice. I used a Sally Hassen white nail polish which I'm not too fond's too runny. Model's Own black nail polish - I forgot the name of it. Lastly, I used Barry M's Strawberry Ice Cream. Oh! I forgot to mention I used Barry M's 3 in 1 Clear Nail Polish as a top coat. That completes the look!

Have you ever tried the leopard print nail art? What's on your nails right now?

-Kookii ♥

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Monday, 2 September 2013

August Favourites

I know I am a day late for my august favourites but I truly just forgot the month ended! I wanted to post this on the first of the month but I didn't, oh well better late than never. Here are my August favourites, lets get started it!

Urban Decay Naked Palette
This has been my go to palette this whole month mainly because I use the shade Buck so much. I use it for everything, as an eyeshadow to contour, to fill in my brows or to line my lash line when I want a more natural look. It's the perfect matte brown shade. I am seriously going to hit pan on Buck soon :'( I'm looking out for an eyeshadow similar to buck but less expensive than the Naked Palette, if you know any then please comment below. 

Revlon Top Speed in Royal
You may have seen this in my previous NOTD post and I can not express how much I have been loving this nail colour this month. I still have some on my nails though is chipped really badly so I will have to clean it  soon. This drys quite quick and gives an opaque colour in one coat. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
This has been the only foundation that I have been using this month and I think I will be using this for the next month as well because it's such a good foundation. The texture is so velvety and soft, it's ideal for my dry skin. This does have small sparkles in it which made me cringe at the thought of my face looking like a disco ball at first but after wearing this you'll hardly notice the glitter. In fact, it make your face look illuminated and glowy in daylight! However, under indoor lights you can slightly notice the glitter. 

Astor Perfect Stay Transferproof lip&care in Blushing Rose
I randomly bought this in my last Fragrance Direct haul not expecting it to be amazing for only 99p.I was pleasantly surprised by this! The colour is a reddish colour but the colour is buildable, if your not too confident with bold lip colours then just a one sheer layer is fine. I use this as a base and lip liner before applying a red lipstick because I think it just make my lipstick last longer and look  sharper. I use this more when I am doing a gradient lip effect because the gradient last longer especially when eating. I have so much to say about, I think I might as well just make a whole blog post on this. 

Royal Large Eyeshadow Brush
I got this from Fragrance Direct as well and it was super cheap (can't remember how much but it was cheap believe me). I ordered quite a few different eyeshadow brushes but this stood out to me because it has been the most useful one when I am doing my make up. I use this to blend my eyeshadows and I think it does a great job for the price I paid. If your looking for a good blending brush then look no further!

Topshop Magic Liner in Engraved
I saw ages ago someone post about this and it had been on mind since then and I am so glad I picked this up because this has been a lifesaver. This makes eyeliner application so quick and easy. I swear by gel liner but this is just 'magic' - see what I did there ;) It was tricky in the beginning getting use to using it but after a couple of tries I could do my eyeliner in less than a minute.. no joke.

What were your August favourites? Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned?


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