Monday, 12 August 2013

Day Out: Westfield Stratford City + Haul

On Sunday, me and my sister decided to go out to Westfield since we haven't had a day out in such a long time. Choosing where to go was easy as I was in a serious mood to shop and of course the perfect place for that was Westfield. We went to Westfield Stratford City rather than London mainly because it's bigger. I was super excited and I thought I might share my experience with you guys. I was hoping to take a lot of picture but sadly I was too distracted by other things that I forgot to  :( Oh well, at least I have a few pictures to show! Also, we we're allowed to take pictures inside the shops (I don't know why?! ) so as soon as any shop assistant saw my camera they ran straight to us to tell us we couldn't take any photos T.T
We started with the ground floor and worked our way up. The first store we went to was Beauty Base. I was looking forward to go this store because it always has really cheap stuff, mainly perfume and make up. I managed to snap a few pictures before we got told off . hehe. I naturally gravitated towards the make up area and they have a very large selection of L.A. Colors products. I decided to get a clear mascara, not for my eyelashes but for my eyebrows. It was 99p so I thought I'll give it a shot. There was a large selection of nail polishes and I tried to stay away from them or else I would end up buying all of them. As I was about to walk to the check out I saw the L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencils. I immediately stopped and started swatching them. I found a white one and it reminded me of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I have been wanting that for ages but just never got it. So when I saw this and it was only...wait for it...99p! I quickly chucked it in my basket. I rumaged through the rest of the colours available and I found a balck one, a pinky and a rusty one. There were so many colours to choose from and they were all 99p I was just overwhelmed so I decided to only get 4. I'm very pleased with Jumbo Eye Pencils, they are very creamy. I haven't tried them out properly yet so we shall see if I'll like them after using them. One thing I did notice when I reached home was that there was no way for me to wind the eye pencil up and something like that. I didn't think these can be sharpened because they are made of plastic not wood. So I was seriously confused, I searched online and apparently you sharpen the plastic which sounds very strange but we'll see when the time comes.

After that we just went through the ground floor and then the first and then the second and we hardly bought anything. I guess we made it like a mission to go through the whole shopping centre that in the end we couldn't really shop properly. The only other shop we bought something from was Kiko. About a month ago, I saw that Kiko had a sale online and I really wanted to get the Glow Touch Lips & Cheek Tint because they were half price. I didn't have anytime then to go so when I saw Kiko I kinda hoped that it was still in stock and luckily the first thing that I saw when I walked in was the Glow Touch Lips & Cheek Tint. I was so happy but unfortunately the shades I wanted weren't there :( Oh Poopie. But still I decided to get one in the shade Pleasant Pink Azalea which is a very 'Pleasant Pink'. They were 2.90 each.
L-R L.A. Colors Jumbo Eyeshadow in Sunglasses, Sea Shells, Sand Castles, Cherry Blossom, Kiko Glow Touch in 04 Pleasant Pink Azalea swatched and blended

One of the shops that stood out was David & Goliath. It had some of the funniest stuff ever. It was all so cute and quirky. I definitely will be buying something from there soon.

After walking for ages, we finally sat down to have lunch. Oh my, lunch took forever. There are soo many places to eat that you're spoiled for choice. My sister collected a few menus from some of the restaurants and we sat down to choose where to eat from. At the end we decided to with a Thai restaurant called Rosa's. I chose Tom Yam Rice Noodles with Beef which was 8.99 and my sister got a rice and curry kind of dish (we can't remember the name >.<) and that was also 8.99 I think. My portion size was huge! It took me an hour to finish it all! My sister finished quite quickly and continued on shopping whilst I sat by myself eating and eating. We also got some steamed buns from a restaurant called Lotus Leaf. They were nice but not the best I have eaten. 

After over an hour of sitting and eating, I was STUFFED. The shopping centre was about to close soon so we quickly headed to Bubbleology to get some Bubble Tea. I love bubble tea and I was looking forward to it the whole day. Thankfully the line wasn't long (the last time we got bubble tea we waited for an hour -__- ) I got Strawberry and Cream with strawberry popping boba in large and my sister got Mango Fruit Tea with Orange Popping Boba in Large. They were 4.25 each so for the two it was 8.50. After getting out bubble tea we headed home. I was super stuffed thanks to the big bowl of noodles but still I finished all the bubble tea because it was super duper good.

Overall, we had a fun day. We spent more money on food than actual shopping! Hehe :) I really enjoyed everything and had an excellent time!


Have you been to Westfield? Have you tried Bubble Tea? What's the most fun thing you've done this week?

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