Friday, 26 July 2013

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner Review

I came across this in Boots in search of something to make my dry, dead and flimsy hair alive again. Recently, I have been feeling my hair is getting very dry and frizzy and always getting knotty. Don't you just hate that feeling when you can't run your fingers through your hair? So anyways, I heard quite a bit about the Aussie hair range and so when I saw it immediately picked it up.

This retails in Boots for 4.49. Which I think is quite reasonable as you get 250ml of products. I think I got this in a 3 for 2 offer in Boots which made it a bit more cheaper. This has lasted me a very long time, even I'm shocked. I have been using it for over 5 months and I still have a third of the bottle still left, so 250ml is worth it for that price.

This is not a large bottle but it isn't really travel friendly either. This is a spray bottle that has a plastic lid (which I think never stays on so I chucked it away). My spray doesn't work properly. When I press it the product doesn't come out diffused but rather the liquid runs down the bottle. I'm sure this is just my bottle because my friends one is perfectly fine. I was quite annoyed at it at first but I learned the trick to it. All you have to do is to press it quickly.

I bought this product about 5 months ago when it was cold and dry. Now it's a bit warmer so I have used this different weathers and my hair behave differently depending on the weather. In the winter, my hair was dry and frizzy and when I used this product it made absolutely no difference. I was very disappointed. As soon as you put it on your hair the frizzy dies out a bit but after half an hour BOOM! my hair looks like a bush. In the hotter weather, I think this is more useful as my hair is not dry anymore and when I put this on it give my hair a nice healthy glow and shine. So I would definitely recommend this for the summer!

Now, you can put this on damp hair and dry hair but I prefer dry because I think it makes more of a difference. As soon as my hair dries I put this on and then is I styled my hair or something I like to spray this a bit more just to give it a shiner look.

OK. The smell of this product is AMAZING! It reminds me of the typical bubblegum smell. In the winter when I didn't like it much I still used this because of the smell. I adore the scent and I wish I could find a body mist this smell. To tell you the truth...I sometimes spray this around the room as a air freshener ^.^

I wasn't amazed by this product but I wasn't that disappointed as well. I think this isn't gonna do a "miracle" like it says in the name but I think it will boost your hair a bit. Great for the summer but horrible for the winter especially if you have dry hair. Will I buy it again? ....I dunno....maybe if it's SUPER cheap!


  1. I haven't tried this, but I do love Assie's products. I would have bought this, it's a shame that you didn't like it as usually their products (especially their conditioners) are awesome:(

    1. Yh, it's a shame, I really wanted to like it :S