Friday, 26 July 2013

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner Review

I came across this in Boots in search of something to make my dry, dead and flimsy hair alive again. Recently, I have been feeling my hair is getting very dry and frizzy and always getting knotty. Don't you just hate that feeling when you can't run your fingers through your hair? So anyways, I heard quite a bit about the Aussie hair range and so when I saw it immediately picked it up.

This retails in Boots for 4.49. Which I think is quite reasonable as you get 250ml of products. I think I got this in a 3 for 2 offer in Boots which made it a bit more cheaper. This has lasted me a very long time, even I'm shocked. I have been using it for over 5 months and I still have a third of the bottle still left, so 250ml is worth it for that price.

This is not a large bottle but it isn't really travel friendly either. This is a spray bottle that has a plastic lid (which I think never stays on so I chucked it away). My spray doesn't work properly. When I press it the product doesn't come out diffused but rather the liquid runs down the bottle. I'm sure this is just my bottle because my friends one is perfectly fine. I was quite annoyed at it at first but I learned the trick to it. All you have to do is to press it quickly.

I bought this product about 5 months ago when it was cold and dry. Now it's a bit warmer so I have used this different weathers and my hair behave differently depending on the weather. In the winter, my hair was dry and frizzy and when I used this product it made absolutely no difference. I was very disappointed. As soon as you put it on your hair the frizzy dies out a bit but after half an hour BOOM! my hair looks like a bush. In the hotter weather, I think this is more useful as my hair is not dry anymore and when I put this on it give my hair a nice healthy glow and shine. So I would definitely recommend this for the summer!

Now, you can put this on damp hair and dry hair but I prefer dry because I think it makes more of a difference. As soon as my hair dries I put this on and then is I styled my hair or something I like to spray this a bit more just to give it a shiner look.

OK. The smell of this product is AMAZING! It reminds me of the typical bubblegum smell. In the winter when I didn't like it much I still used this because of the smell. I adore the scent and I wish I could find a body mist this smell. To tell you the truth...I sometimes spray this around the room as a air freshener ^.^

I wasn't amazed by this product but I wasn't that disappointed as well. I think this isn't gonna do a "miracle" like it says in the name but I think it will boost your hair a bit. Great for the summer but horrible for the winter especially if you have dry hair. Will I buy it again? ....I dunno....maybe if it's SUPER cheap!

Revlon PhotoReady Stick Concealer Review+Swatch

Light Shade Swatch

I bought this concealer because I was in desperate need of a concealer ... ANY concealer. When I was in Boots I noticed that Revlon had a 3 for 2 and of course naturally I had to make use of this offer. I don't know why I was just drawn to this concealer ... I guess it was destiny! I love this stuff!

This is priced at 6.49 in Boots. This looked quite pricey as you only get 3.1 grams of product but I would recommend that you wait until there is a 3 for 2 on Revlon -which you don't have to wait too long for as there is almost everyday a 3 for 2.

You get 3.1 grams of product and when I saw the tester in the store I immediately thought 'Oh boy, this is gonna run out soon' but I have to say, a little goes a long way!

I think the packaging is quite handy and practical. I have never owned a roll up concealer before so it was some thing new. Some people may have some problems with using the concealer stick directly on the face and any blemishes as it is quite unhygienic. To overcome this I just rub some on the tip of my fingers and then tap it on any blemishes.

One of the downside of this is that it doesn't come in many shades. It comes in Light, Light/ Medium and Medium. Which is quite disappointing. Luckily, I was able to find one that suit me perfectly.

The product itself I love! I didn't think I would like because I have very dry skin especially around any blemishes. However, I thought that its summer and I think a stick concealer will be better and it is. I originally just used this for my under eyes. I chose a colour that was only one shade lighter than my skin so it didn't really brighten my under eyes. On blemishes its a whole different story. The texture is quite creamy and think so when you put it on a blemish it won't budge or move. But you have to be careful as the texture is thick if you don't use it properly it can look cakey! As I said I have dry skin and it works perfectly and I seriously this will work even better on oiler skin because its so thick and creamy. Oh I forget to say it has SPF 20 which is always a bonus! ^.^

-Good coverage
-Great for blemishes
-Good price especially with 3 for 2
-Has SPF 20
-Good Packaging
-Creamy texture

-Doesn't come in a variety of shades
-Not that amazing for under the eyes

I love this product and I think its great for all skin type and will cover any imperfection that you may have. I really recommend you give this a go, you won't be disappointed. Will I but this again? Hell Yeah!!

Philosophy The Present Primer/Clear Make Up Review+Swatch

After watching Wayne from Gossmakeupartist go on about how amazing this primer is and how it might be the best primer in the world of course I didn't hesitate and bought this primer as soon I was in John Lewis. I haven't used a primer before mainly because I didn't know what they did but I thought it was about time I tried something new as I may be missing out. I did some research and I finally understood that primers are supposed to smooth out the skin texture and it allows your foundation to be applied smoother and last longer.

This is the description that is stated on Boots website :
Look like you have perfect skin, even if you do not with, the present. the present allows you to play beautifully during the day as a colorless skin perfector that camouflages fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, and gives the skin a flawless airbrushed appearance. the present also allows you to sleep beautifully in the evening, as its unique formula helps seal in your treatment products and moisturizers, and provides natural antibacterial benefits, all while providing a beautiful, natural airbrushed finish. the present clear makeup is a must-have item in the philosophy lineup.

Wow. Reading that make this sound like the perfect product but dont be deceived.

This is priced at £22 for 57g of products. Now that's quite a lot of money. This is available nearly everywhere. In Boots, Johnn Lewis , Fenwick and online websites like feelunique.

This comes in a see through squeezy tube with a black lid. I quite like the packaging as it is quite simple, easy to use and hygienic. One thing that annoys me a bit is after using it for a while some of the product may start to dry around the rim and the inside of the lid. It's not much of a problem as I just make sure I pick of the dry product. On the front of the product it states "clear makeup" this caught my eye as I have never heard of that before so I was quite excited to try.

The product itself is more cloudy white colour rather than a pure white colour but when blended in turns transparent. The product is more on the thicker side rather than the runnier side. The texture is amazing. It feels like rubbing velvet on your skin. I love the feeling! It definitely feels like a luxury product. There is slight lavender scent that is quite relaxing.

After applying my moisturiser, I apply a reasonable amount to my face, focusing mainly on my cheeks and the middle of my face. Now, you have to wait a few minutes after applying this primer before you can put on your foundation or any other product or else it will be impossible to blend anything. I wait a solid 5 minutes and this of course can be quite inconvenient when you're running late in the morning and you don't have time to wait 5 minutes to set a primer. Applying foundation after using this primer has been quite a hassle for me after using this product. It is IMPOSSIBLE to blend the foundation into my skin. Impossible. Also I have dry skin so after trying to apply my foundation I could see little dry patches. Not just dry flakiness but also the streaks from my foundation brush were so obvious. I have never had streaking problem until I started to use this product. So of course I was super disappointed with the product. I had read some great reviews and I was expecting so much more.
I tried again as I didn't want to give up on this product and this time I put on extra mosituriser and waited even longer before putting on my foundation. I also ditched the foundation brush for my fingers. This time the foundation did look too dry but still my foundation didn't look good. I would get a better foundation finish if I just didn't use this primer at all.
One thing I did notice was that after using this, my makeup lasted all day. I love blusher but by end of the day there is never any colour left on my face and after using this product my blush and bronzer look perfect in place even after 12 hours. I was seriously amazed.
This left me in a very sticky situation. I don't like this product but I like this product. I guess if I didnt have such dry skin, I might have really liked this product. I don't see much of a difference with my pores and fine lines after I apply this and it makes foundation application hell but I love the way it sticks to your make up and doesn't let it budge all day.

I neither like this product or dislike it. I think this will work perfectly for people with oily skin and warn anyone with dry skin to drop the product and run away. It's not for dry skin definitely. I really like the fact how it made a barrier between my skincare and make up but negatives make it hard for me to use it. I still have this product after buying it approximately 8 months ago and I haven't even used 1/5 of the whole tube. I used this about 10 times and I think it this tube will last quite a long time. I don't use this on a daily basis instead I only use it when there is a special occasion like a night out or a wedding when I need to make sure my make up stays in place. Will I buy this again? Short answer: No. Not for that price. I will definitely be trying out some new cheaper primer and some specially designed for dry skin.

Have you tried any primers? What's your favourite?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Natural Collection Blush Peach Melba & Pink Clouds Review

 I popped into to Boots the other day and noticed that they had a 'Buy one get one half price' offer. So naturally, I picked up another blush from Natural Collection.

The packaging is not all that fancy and pretty but then what do you expect for £1.99? I really love the size of these. These are very small which makes them very travel friendly. 
Peach Melba
Peach Melba

Peach Melba is a very soft colour which I think is a mix of a blush and a bronzer. I have a light skin tone so I try to stay away from very brown or orangery bronzers because it looks so unnatural on me. This is just a wonderful colour to put on when your in a hurry and don't have time to put both bronzer and blusher. I can certainly understand why there was so much hype about this product!
Pink Cloud
Pink Cloud
Now, this I simply bought because of the offer and I am pleasantly suprised by this as well. This is a very cute pink but not 'in-your-face' kind of pink. It's perfect for everyday use and I love the healthy glow it gives. 

Peach Melba is slightly more pigmented than Pink Cloud. However, both the blushes are very powdery. I not too fond of very powdery blushes but these have a very velvety texture and even though I have dry skin it blends in like a dream. 

These are avail in Boots at £1.99 each which is a bargain but I got these both for only £2.98!! Score!

Have tried these before? Which colour is your favourite?